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those girls in those ad’s who look flawless and cool without trying.

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British Invasion

TOP Brit (Artists) of 2012

Ed Sheeran [Check Out: “Lego House” + “Give Me Love”]
Ellie Goulding [CO: “Anything Could Happen”]
Cher Lloyd [CO: “Want You Back”]
One Direction [CO: “Over Again”]
Rebecca Ferguson [CO: “Nothing’s Real But Love”]
Olly Murs [CO: ”Thinking of Me”]
Adele [CO: ”Skyfall”]
Rita Ora [CO: “How We Do”]
Emeli Sande [CO: “Daddy”]
The Wanted [CO: “Gold Forever”]
Marina and the Diamonds [CO: “Oh No!” + “Primadonna Girl”]

brit in.It’s probably obvious by now that Brit singers are flooding everyone’s iPod. I’m betting many would kill to have a little brit blood in them, seeing from their talent. They’ve sweeping up awards ( we all know about Adele) and looking pretty good while doing so (ummm…one direction). There are so many more artists from “across the pond” i could name, but these are the one’s i recommend checking out. What happened America?

GOSSIP: Haylor…

Harry Styles + Taylor Swift = Haylor. This won’t be a long entry cuz i’m not a big fan of this. Personally i doubt this relationship will last considering Taylor’s “guy” history…( she’s got game). Maybe she loves 2 have someone near her 24/7 or for someone to shower her with things …or loves the attention of someone. No one can be all sweet and cupcakes(there’s always spice). Harry Styles is the cream of the crop @t the top and with Taylor… it just drops.


Harry Styles and Taylor Swift hand in hand while strolling

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift strolling


Writing a blog is something i always had in mind. Getting involved and showing people things i’m interested in can be pretty cool(and probably a lot of work). I truly have a love for the Arts starting from fashion to music to drawing/paintings and every thing in those departments. I want this blog not to boring so i’m gonna try to make it interesting as possible and try to update often. I have many dreams i want to accomplish that to many of my family members is not that reachable. And i would love proving them wrong, cuz i believe…(2 cheezy). To me doing a blog is a start. I’ve heard of many successful bloggers. Soo ya…
Thanks 4 your time and don’t be a basic,

-14 year old blogger